My name is Dennis - I am an Extra Class operator, first licensed in February of 2002 and upgraded from Technician to Extra on 24 Feb 2007.

My Wife, Ann, is a Tech (both a Medical Technologist and an Amateur Radio Operator) licensed as KI4ECO (Extremely Cute Operator).

Our Parrot, Squeaky, holds the honorary call of KBIRD.



We live in an area called Ladson, SC. This is a bedroom community for the Charleston, SC area and is about 18 NW of the city - It is so small that we didn't have a 'downtown' until one of the area merchants put up a 'Downtown Ladson' sign in front of their business - Unfortunately, that makes 'Downtown' only about 3/4" thick

Not to be outdone, someone put up a sign by the Ladson Post Office that read 'Uptown Ladson' -Thieves made away with that sign so, we are back to having only a 'Downtown'


Grid Square:


33 0' 27" N, 33.007196, 33:00:25.906N
80 6' 8" W, -080.102642, 80:06:9.511W

Colby's Corner - Ham Radio Episode


©2017 Dennis Zabawa, KG4RUL


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